Kedron State High School – Year 7

Kedron State High School received a new general learning classroom block as part of the Year 7 Flying Start Program, through the Department of Education and Training.

The site for the new building was selected because of space restictions at the school. There were also limitations when it came to finding areas above the Q100 flood level.

The new building contains 7 general learning classrooms, a flexible learning area, a collaborative area, a project development area and a new staff room with an open undercroft for future classrooms.

The new building was delivered using a traditional procurement method to ensure the project was completed before the start of school 2015.

The building was designed using a post-tensioned concrete slab and traditional concrete construction, with traditional steel roof and partially fire rated external walls.

During excavation, asbestos materials were discovered in the ground. This required expensive after hours removal before construction could continue.

The project was conducted in a live school environment where safety of students was paramount. It was delivered on time and on budget.

• Project Management
• Cost Management
• Value Management
• Asbestos Removal
• Procurement
• Post Contract Administration

Traditional Lump Sum

$4.7 Million